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Re: Cygwin is saving my ass

The world would get even better if there were on windows at all:-)

On 3/27/08, Ignazio Di Napoli <> wrote:
> Dave Korn wrote:
> > Robert Latest wrote on 25 March 2008 08:50:
> >
> >> Enter corporate IT. For four weeks now I've been holding my first real
> >> industry job. And I'm locked into a M$ Windows PC. God, I hadn't known
> >> just how much Windows sucks. Everything around here is done with
> >> Access and Excel and lots of ultra-slow VBA glue to hold it more or
> >> less together. Lotus Notes for appointments and email. Well, that's
> >> not going to change, but who helps ME to get MY work done?
> >>
> >> Enter Cygwin. Finally, things flow again. What a relief. Thanks, guys.
> >
> >   :)  I think you speak for quite a lot of people here when you say that.
> I
> > couldn't function in my day-to-day work without a real shell, and grep and
> > sed, and all the gnu tools.  Cygwin makes windows worth using!
> My opinion too...
> Ignazio
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