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Re: about cyglsa.dll

On Wed, 26 Mar 2008, Eric Blake wrote:

> Hash: SHA1
> According to Hugh Sasse on 3/26/2008 6:47 AM:
> |> This is getting tiring.  PLEASE follow directions.  I had to once again
> |> reformat and remunge your message.
> |         [...]
> | All of which is fair comment, but....
> |> - --
> |> Don't work too hard, make some time for fun as well!
> |>
> |> Eric Blake   
> |                              ^
> | directly quoted from your .sig  Obviously I've not replied to the list.
> I went ahead and re-added the list, so others can read my thoughts on the
> matter.
> Reread the link:

Fully agree with it, and had read it recently.
> Pasting .sigs verbatim is fair game (ie. if I'm dumb enough to post my own
> email address in my .sig, that's my masochism, and I deserve what I get).

So I was trying to tell you privately, spare your blushes (if any) and 
not risk the misunderstanding that I might be publicly calling you a 
hypocrite -- because that is ABSOLUTELY NOT my intention.  "To err is
human, to really foul things up involve a computer", etc. I'm sure there
are quite enough examples of my own mistakes in various mail archives,
so I'm not too inclined to make life worse for anyone else.  Of course,
now you've made it public I've had to explain all that.

> ~ And my email address is already out there, so I am personally not too
> distraught about yet another instance of my address being exposed - after
> all, I have some decent spam filters at work.

That's OK then, just so long as this hasn't slipped past you.
> But pasting mailing list headers verbatim is not fair game.  It's the
> principle - I strive to educate people who violate list netiquette, so
> that they don't make the same mistake the next time they reply to someone
> else who is more cautious about their .sig.

Absolutely agree with that.

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