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Re: Remove Cygwin Path for Called Batch Script

Scott Wegner <swegner <at>> writes:

> Greg Chicares wrote:
> > On 2008-03-25 13:30Z, Scott Wegner wrote:
> >> I am trying to create a "wrapper" Cygwin bash script to add 
> >> functionality to an existing Windows batch script.  In my Cygwin script, 
> >> I would like to call the batch file with something like:
> >>
> >> ...
> >> cmd.exe /k batch-script.bat params
> >> ...
> >>
> >> Calling the script in this fashion seems to generally work (in that the 
> >> script executes).  However, I have trouble because the Cygwin path is 
> >> prepended to the Windows path in the batch script.  As a result, trying 
> >> to use the Windows "find" use Cygwin's instead.
> > 
> > If you write
> >   %SystemRoot%\system32\find
> > in the batch file, then you'll get the msw "find" whether or not
> > any Cygwin directory is on your path.
> Hi Greg,
> Thanks for the quick reply.  This is a feasible solution.  However, I'd 
> rather find a solution where the batch script can remain "unaware" of 
> its Cygwin context.  Once I get things working, I plan on creating bash 
> script wrappers for many Windows batch scripts, so I'd like to make the 
> changes in the Cygwin environment, rather than editing each batch script 
> individually.
> I'll keep looking at let you know if I find anything.
> Scott

Hi Scott,

you may just remove all path components from PATH which are part of cygwin.

I use the following bash function to do those removing since long years ago:

  local C=$2
  local R=""
  local OIFS="$IFS"
  set -- $1
  for i in "$@"
    if [ "x$i" != "x$C" ]
      if [ "x$R" != "x" ]
  echo $R

to work correctly make sure your wrapper script starts with bash in magic line -
#! /bin/bash
for example but not
#! /bin/sh 
because when invoked as bourne shell necessary functionality may be missed

you may add this function directly after the magic line for invocation

then just before calling your dos batch scripts remove the unwanted
path components from PATH

you shouldn't do this earlier in your code because no cygwin applications
and scripts are found after this unless they are hashed by bash in a
pervious call

PATH=`rmpc $PATH /bin`
PATH=`rmpc $PATH /usr/bin`

you may remove any path component this way

PATH=`rmpc $PATH .`     # remove .
PATH=`rmpc $PATH ""`    # remove blank path components

caution: this mechanism remove all multiple occurences of a componente
from PATH

when returned from your dos batch script you are lacking the most cygwin
to get it again you have to save the PATH previous to the changes:


and just restore it after the dos script returned:




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