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Re: about cyglsa.dll

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| 2008/3/16, Eric Blake <ebb9 AT>:
~                            ^^^^

| Please don't top-post: | | According to Chen Yue on 3/15/2008 10:55 AM: | | Hi Eric | | | From: Eric Blake [mailto:ebb9 AT] | ~ ^^^^ | Please don't include raw email addresses in your replies: |

This is getting tiring.  PLEASE follow directions.  I had to once again
reformat and remunge your message.

According to Yue Chen on 3/26/2008 12:38 AM:
| Hi Eric
| Really thank you for the help. Now I have downloaded the latest
| snapshot. However, I found there was no bash in the package. In order
| to use bash in cygwin 1.7.x snapshort, I downloaded the bash source
| code from cygwin site and tried to build it.

You don't have to build bash to use it - use setup.exe to install the
prebuilt version (3.2.33-18), along with everything else in the Base
category required to make the cygwin 1.7.x snapshot useful (and yes, for
the record, building bash on cygwin requires a pre-built bash - it is part
of bootstrapping, if you really insist on building the world from scratch,
although that isn't generally necessary).

| But I can not figure out how to build bash for cygwin 1.7.x. (The
| build script needs bash). If I use bash from 1.5.4 to build, I can not
| build it out for 1.7.x.(I run " all", but there seems
| some libraries lacking). Should I build the libraries one by one
| myself?  I checked Cygwin FAQ. There seems no answer there.


| So is there any quick reference to build binary for 1.7.x in 1.5.4
| environment? This is my first time to build cygwin binary. I am really
| puzzled.

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