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Re: Wrong links? (Attn: netpbm, cvs, terminfo, and webcheck maintainers)

Igor Peshansky ha scritto:
On Tue, 25 Mar 2008, Angelo Graziosi wrote:

I have noticed that if I do 'ls -l /bin'

I get the following wrong links:

X11 -> ../X11R6/bin

pnmnoraw -> pnmtoplainpnm.exe [1]

rcs2log -> ../share/cvs/contrib/rcs2log
webcheck -> ../share/webcheck/

If I do 'ls -l /usr/bin', only [1] is still wrong, the remaining links are OK.

Regarding [1], 'pnmtoplainpnm.exe' does not exist, only 'pnmtoplainpnm' is
there, without '.exe'!

[1] is a packaging error. pnmtoplainpnm is a bash script, and the link is in this form in the binary tarball.

Is this different behaviour ('ls -l /bin' / 'ls -l /usr/bin') to be

Well, yes. Since the links are relative, doing "ls -l /bin" will attempt to find the files in /share, which doesn't exist.

These are also packaging errors because, again, the links exist in the
relative form in the binary tarballs (I've only checked the cvs tarball,
but I assume webcheck has the same issue).

This may be a cygport bug as well.

Good catch.

Also 'ls -l /lib' / 'ls -l /usr/lib' shows something similar with:

X11 -> ../X11R6/lib/X11
terminfo -> ../share/terminfo


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