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Re: Building perl-5.10.0

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According to Reini Urban on 3/22/2008 10:48 AM:
| The second problem is the +, the special Windows ACL, which should not
| be here on a plain new cygwin installation.
| POSIX access() doesn't check the additional ACL's, just the underlying
| windows calls allow or deny access then. This can be right or this can
| be contradictive.

Actually, POSIX access() is allowed to honor the alternate permissions
provided by ACLs (ie. report nonzero for access(name,R_OK) even when none
of the traditional read bits are set, if some other mechanism like an ACL
or being an administrator allows read access to the file), and my
understanding is that cygwin's access() does just that.  However, there
are many apps which just use stat() rather than access(), and thus get
misinformation about whether they have access rights because they were
basing off of incomplete information.  POSIX also states that chmod(2) is
supposed to disable any ACLs that allow alternate access.

However, there is still a known issue that in cygwin, all directories
currently show with a '+' when listed by ls, even when all that is present
on the directory is the ACL for default ACLs to be used when creating
files in that directory.

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