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Re: Cygwin problems under Vista (pleae reply from others)


For people who did not concern this topic, I draw back the first mail from  Vinod Gupta
and his first and last mails.

After I wrote the above, I have been thought about the issues.
I am a one of the user of the cygwin.  But I am an unofficial octave on cygwin maintainter. 
(my web
(Why my octave on cygwin is to be unofficial is the result after long discussion here.)

Cygwin depends on the voluntary works like other freesotware like octave.
>From the free software maintainer stand point, users themselves should take part in the discussions.
>From those discussions, the software is to be better and you are also to be one of contributors.

For the first point by Vinod, I cannot answer because I do not know how the cygwin setup works.
However, I also required to execute rebaseall to the grace work.
To do this, I wrote mails and the reply suggest me to do that.
I could not find about rebasing in the cygwin FAQ.

My opinion is that what is important rebasisng is explained in the web.
Insisting of the impovement of the setup from users is natural.
However, I also consider users understand that the cygwin depend on the voluntary works.
What is best is the person who has the opinion to the cygwin will be involved to solve the problem

However it is in reality difficult for the common users.

Please wait for a while and pay self efforts to use the cygwin.
The vista will be populated more and more.
I think that the population of the vista power users will incresed with time.
At that time the problems will be gradually solved.

This is my opinion on this issue.

The second is the problem of the cygwin-X.
Perhaps the possibilty of the maintainer of the cygwin-X will appear is low.
My opinion was already state in the previous mail.
The cygwin-X has problem on the vista and recommend to use the Xming is stated on the web.
I think that it is enough.  

I would like to hear the opinion those who deeply working for the cygwin.


--- Vinod Gupta <vinod@Princeton.EDU> wrote:

> I see that quite a few people have experienced problems running cygwin 
> and applications like XFree86 server under Windows Vista. We have been 
> using Cygwin under XP for may years and would love to continue using it 
> under Vista. I will appreciate suggestions to the following questions:
> 1) Some people have suggested running rebaseall under ash. I tried it 
> and it helps. Shall I be required to rebaseall every time there are new 
> versions of DLLs released? Why not make it a part of cygwin installer?
> 2) It seems there is no reliable fix for XFree86 and people have 
> suggested Xming which works fine for me. While XFree86 was integrated 
> with Cywin's main installer which was a huge advantage. Is there any way 
> to replace XFree86 by Xming so that only Xming packages are 
> installed/updated.
> Vinod

> --- Vinod Gupta wrote:
> As I said in my original posting, lots of people have reported Cygwin-X
> problems under Vista, not XP. What surprises me is why Cygwin is
> insisting on bundling a broken and unmaintained package when a working
> one is available.
> Regards,
My rely the following.
Tatsuro>I'll forward the message from Vinod.
Tatsuro>I cannot reply him any longer since I am mere a user.

Tatsuro>My opinion is that if the Cygwin-X  no longer works well on the Vista, at least it should
Tatsuro>be stated on the web.

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