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Re: Cygwin problems under Vista


> 2) It seems there is no reliable fix for XFree86 and people have 
> suggested Xming which works fine for me. While XFree86 was integrated 
> with Cywin's main installer which was a huge advantage. Is there any way 
> to replace XFree86 by Xming so that only Xming packages are 
> installed/updated.

As one of the user, I reply to your question.

XFree86 is not correct name what you talk about.
XFree86 is more general name not only the cygwin platform.

What you indicate is Cygwin-X.  On the Cygwin site, the name Cygwin-X is written not but Xfree86.

Historrically the Xming seperated from the Cygwin-X.  Its purpose is not the same as the Cygwin-X.
The biggest point is that it is NOT a cygwin software and completely inpendent from the cygwin.  I
think that it is not possible to bundle with the cygwin.



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