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Re: invoke vbscript from cygwin?

Dave Burns wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 19, 2008 at 1:49 PM, Brian Dessent <> wrote:
>> Dave Burns wrote:
>> > Yes, that worked splendidly. Should I have known about these
>> > executables? Are they the regular interpreters for vbscripts? I know
>> > little about cygwin and nothing about vbscript, and I did not see
>> > these mentioned in the documentation.
>> The Cygwin documentation? Why would they be there?
> That's my point. Previous poster seemed to think it should be obvious,
> but I was just skimming the cygwin docs, which have no reason to
> mention them.
>> The Windows Script Host is
>> documented by MS on MSDN though:
>> <>
> What's that? If we'd never had this conversation, I'd never have
> followed that link as a clue to solve this problem.
>> > Maybe I was too hasty, but I
>> > didn't even see "Here's how you invoke a regular windows .exe from
>> > within cygwin". I'm sorry for mystifying you - someone handed me an
>> There's no fundamental difference between running a Cygwin command and a
>> non-Cygwin command from a shell prompt, in the end it's just an .exe
>> either way: you type its name and the shell runs it if it can find it in
>> the PATH.
> This is useful to know. It seems non-obvious to me, as a newbie-ish
> user of cygwin. Maybe I was just having brain-hiccup. Not clear where
> to put it in the docs, if someone wanted to make it more obvious.
> Maybe it is obvious enough already.
> Short review - to run a script from cygwin, find the exe that is the
> interpreter of the script (in the case of vb script, cscript.exe or
> wscript.exe) and invoke the interpreter with the script as an
> argument.
> Thanks all,
> Dave

I always use cygstart for this kind of stuff.

For example:

$ echo 'MsgBox ("Hello World!")' > foo.vbs
$ cygstart foo.vbs


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