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Re: invoke vbscript from cygwin?

Dave Burns wrote:

> Yes, that worked splendidly. Should I have known about these
> executables? Are they the regular interpreters for vbscripts?  I know
> little about cygwin and nothing about vbscript, and I did not see
> these mentioned in the documentation.

The Cygwin documentation?  Why would they be there?  We can't document
every possible non-Cygwin application that someone might want to use,
that would take gigabytes of space.  The Windows Script Host is
documented by MS on MSDN though:

> Maybe I was too hasty, but I
> didn't even see "Here's how you invoke a regular windows .exe from
> within cygwin". I'm sorry for mystifying you - someone handed me an

There's no fundamental difference between running a Cygwin command and a
non-Cygwin command from a shell prompt, in the end it's just an .exe
either way: you type its name and the shell runs it if it can find it in
the PATH. 


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