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Re: DLL into .a (Metis problem)


I have an experience to build the Metis from source on cygwin.
It is not so tough work so that you can get everything if you build the METIS libraries by yourself. 

However, the Metis license is NOT compatible to GPL.
Therefore, the octave community have decided not to use the Metis to construct suitesparse libraries. 

So you should be careful to treat the license problem with the Metis.  
Please see.



--- Paulo Mota <> wrote:

> Is there a tool to convert a DLL (which has no API Windows calls) into a 
> lib.a or ?
> If not, then say that I have a lib file named libmetis.a
> To make the executable I  would add the following
> "-L$HOME/<rest of the path> -lmetis"
> If I have WinMetis.dll, would there be an equivalent command?
> Regards,
> Paulo Mota
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