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Re: FAQ suggestion

On Mar 18 21:47, Dan Kegel wrote:
> --- snip ---
> 9. Deploying Cygwin
> 9.1  I want to bundle Cygwin with a product, and ship it to customer
> sites.  How can I do this without conflicting with any Cygwin
> installed by the user?
> A.  Third party developers who wish to use Cygwin should check if
> there is a version of cygwin installed and use the installed
> version if it is newer, or conditionally upgrade if it is not.
> (If you write a tool to make this easy, consider contributing
> it to cygwin for others to use.)
> 9.2 Can I bundle Cygwin with my product for free?
> A. Only if you comply with Cygwin's license very carefully.
> If you choose to distribute cygwin1.dll, you must also
> distribute the exact source code used to build that copy of cygwin1.dll.
> If you ship applications that link with cygwin1.dll,
> you must either provide those applications' source code under a
> GPL-compatible license, *or* purchase a cygwin license from Red Hat.
> 9.3.  Can I install a private version of cygwin that doesn't conflict
> with the system cygwin (in the same way that multiple versions
> of Wine can coexist)?
> A. The Cygwin maintainers will resist any suggestion to support
> this, no matter how sensible it might sound to you, because
> they feel strongly that the only supportable situation is
> for everybody to use the same cygwin instance, and for it
> to be as up to date as possible.
> 9.4. But doesn't that mean that if some application installs
> an older Cygwin library than my system had, my application will break?
> A. Yes.  If you run into such an application, uninstall it,
> point the author to this FAQ, and try to get them to follow
> the cygwin deployment rules.
> --- snip ---
> Is that getting closer?

That's quite close, especially the answer to 9.3 :)
Care to create a matching docbook entry for the FAQ?


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