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Re: FAQ suggestion

On 3/19/08, Dan Kegel <> wrote:
> Don't assume that everyone who asks the question
> is trying to cheat or bend the rules; I'm a pretty fierce

It is true -- not everyone who wants multiple cygwins installed is a
software packager trying to profit off of cygwin.  I have found it
beneficial to create these multiple installations many times, though
it of course didn't work.  For instance, these two scenarios happened
to me recently:

* When I want to test installing something myself for which there is
no cygwin package supplied, and I don't want to break anything (nor am
I able to backup the current cygwin root tree)

* When I want to run a locally stored version of cygwin instead of the
one that I installed to my network share drive that is automounted
onto any computer I log on to because either 1) the share is absent /
having technical issues, or 2) I need the additional speed granted by
running locally, for instance when I am VPN'ing in to work over

If there are any ideas on how to make that work, I'd love to know how
(perhaps by keeping the two repositories in synch somehow?)

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