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Re: inetutils-1.5-2 test release

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
On Mar 18 12:32, Charles Wilson wrote:
This is odd. ftpd works for me
  1) on XP SP2, where inetd is installed as a service on its own,
  running under the local system account
  2) on XP SP2, where inetd is installed as a service using cygrunsrv,
  running under the local system account
  3) on XP SP2, where inetd is invoked via sysvinit's init process
  (/etc/rc.d/inetd), and were init is running under the local system

However, ftpd does not work if inetd is running under
sshd_server/cyg_server/other_privileged_user -- so I assume it will not
yet work under vista.  But that issue is not a regression, AFAICT. What
are the details of your installation?

That is a regression, afaics. The privileged account needs the specific
user privileges to change the user context, but if it has these
privileges, it should behave not different than when running under the
SYSTEM account in earlier versions of Windows. The old ftpd doesn't test
the uid for being any fixed value.

ftp was the worst as far as porting changes from 1.3.2-X to 1.5. LOTS of stuff. It is entirely possible that I (a) missed something in forward porting old modifications, or (b) there was some new code in 1.5 that needed modification and I missed that.

That's why this is a test release. It works for me, but I've only got the one computer (* okay, I just got a vista machine last week, but I haven't even tried to install cygwin on it. Reading the horror stories...)

Same for inetd.

Right. I had no issues with inetd *itself*, running under the cyg_server (or sshd_server) account. It was (some of) the slave daemons that were troublesome -- but not all. telnetd works (for me), for instance. I remember that at least one of the r* cmds worked (for me), too -- except that unless LocalServer, .rhosts were not honored.

Uh, no. the old rshd has this in the code:

  #ifdef __CYGWIN__
	  uid_t ROOT_UID = getuid ();
	  ROOT_UID	(0)

Oops. I was thinking of rlogind:

#define ROOT_UID 18


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