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Re: downgrade to cygwin-1.5.24-2

Gaston Martin wrote:
Hi. I'm facing some problems with Cygwin under Windows Vista, the most annonying is puttycyg not working anymore.. So I realized that I need to downgrade to the last version supported by puttycyg (

It would probably be more appropriate to say "the last known working version of cygwin1.dll with puttycyg", since Cygwin 1.5.x is backward-compatible with older versions.

Have you reported the problem to the list (see
<>)?  Doing so could make your need for
an old, unsupported version of the DLL moot.

The thing is. No previous versions of cygwin are available for install. So how can I downgrade my current (and latest) Cygwin version to the earlier 1.5.24-2 ?

Current mirrors should have this. Your local download directory might have it too. If it does, just tell 'setup.exe' to install from your local directory and 1.5.24-2 will show up as an option. If you don't have it in your local download directory, use 'wget' or your other favorite tool to download it from a mirror and put it in your local download directory. There's also the "Cygwin Time Machine" (google it). Note that neither process for installing old DLLs is recommended and the older versions are not supported by this list.

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