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RE: inetutils-1.5-2 test release

> The test release of inetutils installs fine with setup.
> I tested it with my original xinetd setup (replacing the in.* daemons with the new ones).
> Authentication via ftpd does not seem to work in the new release:
> ...
> 530 Login incorrect.

This is odd. ftpd works for me
  1) on XP SP2, where inetd is installed as a service on its own,
  running under the local system account
  2) on XP SP2, where inetd is installed as a service using cygrunsrv,
  running under the local system account
  3) on XP SP2, where inetd is invoked via sysvinit's init process
  (/etc/rc.d/inetd), and were init is running under the local system

However, ftpd does not work if inetd is running under
sshd_server/cyg_server/other_privileged_user -- so I assume it will not
yet work under vista.  But that issue is not a regression, AFAICT. What
are the details of your installation?  I don't need full cygcheck, just
OS ver, user that inetd is running as, whether inetd is installed as a
service on its own, under cygrunsrv, or via sysvinit's init service (and
the user under which init is running), and an `ls -l' listing of /etc.

> Remote commands via the new rsh do not seem to work:
> >rsh ls
> /bin/rsh: must be setuid root.

Hm. again, this works for me -- unless inetd is running under a
"privileged user". This is because rshd contains code to check the UID
(against '18' == LocalSystem; it doesn't know how to deal with other
privileged UIDs. But again -- the old rshd had the same limitation in
the code, so I am a bit confused as to how it worked for you, before.
Unless xinetd was running under LocalSystem, but inetd is not?

> Last question. What is .talkrc for ? I get the following in /var/log/messages when running talk. The man page says nothing.
> Mar 18 13:30:37 localhost talkd: PID 2132: can't open config file /home/vzell/.talkrc: No such file or directory

You're right, this is not documented at all.

2001-10-25  Sergey Poznyakoff

        Talkd essencially rewritten. New feature: system-wide and
        user-specific access-control lists allow for controlling
        who and from where is able to request talks.

Somebody also mentioned that error message (note the date):
but it was never corrected.

Anyway, it seems that .talkrc is intended for per-user access control,
like the `talkd --acl FILE' option is for site-wide access control. 
  -a, --acl FILE         read site-wide ACLs from FILE
The format of the site-wide acl file and the per-user acl file is the
same -- because it is parsed by the same code. However, the format isn't
documented at all, either.

Perusing the code, it looks like the format is:

allow|deny <RE> <INET> [<INET> [<INET> ...]

where one of allow/deny is required
<RE> is a regular expression (regcomp() style) that is applied to the
caller's username. Whether "Extended" RE patterns are allowed depends on
the system implementation of regcomp.
<INET> is a network address. It appears that any of these formats work:
but no dns lookups are possible. Both <RE> and (one of the) <INET> have
to match for the specified rule (allow or deny) to apply. The default
behavior is:

allow * any

I'll look into silencing that "error" message.

BTW, I hadn't even gotten around to announcing this as an official test
release yet. You're really on the ball...


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