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Re: csih-0.1-1

Kostya Altukhov wrote:
I get the following when I test my script with auto-answer="yes":

*** Info: The following privileged accounts were found: 'cyg_server' .
*** Info: This script plans to use 'cyg_server'.
*** Info: 'cyg_server' will not be able to log on interactively, but will only
*** Info: be used by registered services.
*** Query: Do you want to use different name? (yes/no) yes

Wouldn't it make more sense to ask the opposite question, e.g. "Is it
OK to use the suggested name? (yes/no)", in that case auto-answer
"yes" would accept the default?

No, because the most common "auto-answer" case is when csih-client scripts are invoked by setup, via a postinstall script. In these cases, the auto-answer setting is "no".

Frankly, I do not believe there should be an "auto-answer=yes" option at all. It's just too dangerous. However, csih retained it because the original foo-config scripts supported "auto-answer-yes", but I do not recommed its use.


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