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Long path name support


I would like to do what I can to help with this. My reasons are purely
selfish; I'm currently having to use Vista and I'd like to get off!

I've seen that there is some activity around this [1], [2]. My
immediate issue is using rsync fails due to long path names, so that's
my motivation for offering to help.

I've downloaded the source and had a look, but it's probably beyond my
current level of C experience to do much with it. I'm working on
fixing that. I was hoping it would be a case of switching out the
type-library being used and altering an adaption layer to happily
marshall where required to use the *W versions rather than the *A
versions but that was a little naive of me.

So, how best to help? Trying out the snapshots and seeing whether they
work for me, or something else? Are the changes for long path names
happening in a branch which I could look at and get an idea of the
changes that are required, to submit patches?

I've tried just swapping in later snapshots of the cygwin1.dll, but I
get GPFs when running bash at the moment, so I'm keen to know what I'm
doing wrong there.




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