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Libtool problems when building ImageMagick

I wanted to prepare a new ImageMagick package, but I am stuck with
the following problem.

It should be easy, its a cygport build with the following files


The `cygport ImageMagick- prep` works as usual (with the
accordingly adjusted files) but `cygport ImageMagick- compile`
fails with a libtool error like this:

./libtool: line 845: X--tag=CC: command not found
(rest deleted)

See here
for the full logfile.

This does not happen with the ImageMagick 6.3.6-3 release (thanks
Yaakov) but with the latest versions of IM.

The problem in libtool (line 845 and others) is that instead of
echo, $echo is used. So the env. var echo is supposed to be set, but
it didn't happen. Why? I know nearly nothing about libtool, so far
it just worked.

If it helps, my cygcheck output:

I would like to release a new IM package, but currently I am stuck.


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