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Avail for test: csih-0.1.2-1 [was: Re: csih and sspi with guest accounts]

Reini Urban wrote:
Charles Wilson schrieb:
Let me know what you think...

Featurewise great! Thanks.

Thanks for testing.

$ /usr/lib/csih/getAccountName -g

$ source /usr/share/csih/
basename: invalid option -- b
Try `basename --help' for more information.

$ echo $0

This was sourced from the login shell bash, which runs inside the putty cthelper console, not from the postinstaller.
Just a minor nitpick for shell scripts starting with -

I think I've fixed all the places where this is a danger. This new version also provides a new utility (/usr/lib/csih/winProductName) which reports the full Microsoft name of the OS, whether it's "Vista Ultimate" or "Server 2008 Datacenter Edition (core installation), 64bit". winProductName is extremely dumb: it takes no command line options, and there is no help. You just run it and it prints the name to stdout. That's it.

Also, two new ID functions that rely on the new tool:


(I'm sure there are other uses for winProductName, such as is_server() etc, but I'll leave that kind of thing to individual scripts -- who can do

  productName=$(csih_invoke_helper winProductName)
  if echo "${productName}" | grep " Server " >/dev/null 2>&1
    do whatever

themselves, until some particular incantation looks useful and is duplicated across various installers. Then I'd put it in csih.)

I'm going to make this current in a few days (assuming no brown bags)...


P.S. cgf or Corinna, two questions: (1) is it possible to create a CVS module for this on the cygwin-apps repository, and (2) do you think it would be a good idea to do so?

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