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RE: Cygwin doesn't install on Windows Server 2008 (x64).

Hey, this sounds like my issue, except that I'm installing on Window
Server 2003.  I've completed setup by running the "hanging" shell
scripts from another bash shell and then killing that process (which
allows setup.exe to continue).  Does work if you run it from
another shell?

I'm also at a loss of what to investigate next.  I've looked into
running bash shells from an alternate batch file that monitors with
strace and the -x flag to bash, and I see that when the shell hangs, it
occurs at random points while sourcing the profile.  When it happens,
there is always some other process (e.g. subshell, id, grep, tr, sed,
date) that exists but doesn't exit.  When that happens, I can see it via
ps(1) but not kill it via kill(1) - only through windows tools.  Upon
terminating the process that way, the original script continues.

I can generate an strace or process monitor log for when that happens if
it interests anyone.  Since they get large, let me know how to send it.


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I'm positive about that, I just retried that on a clean machine. I'd be
to send you logs or other debug info if you just tell me what you would
I've looked at the log in C:\cygwin\var, but the file size is 0, the
setup is
probably not flushing the stuff it writes to the file.

The version is -11, I've double-checked it again during the setup.

The issue may not be the same as the one fixed in 1.5.25-11 because I
actually get 100% CPU usage. While running "", bash.exe simply
forever, without apparently using any CPU.

I've monitored system calls in Process Monitor. While going over
which does eventually complete (after a long time), I can see bash.exe
system calls. While going over "", I don't see anything, it

I'm running an RTM version of Windows Server 2008, downloaded from MSDN,
on a
fairly new ThinkPad T61p. The systems is otherwise very stable, I didn't
problems with 32-bit apps running over WoW so far. 


> I can't reproduce this problem with 1.5.25-11.  It would have been an
> expected problem with 1.5.25-7 (though not on the x64 version), but
> you install -11, this is supposed to work fine on 2008 Server.  And it
> does for me, I just tried a fresh base install on a vanilla 2008
> Standard Server Edition.
> There must be something else broken on your machine.  Are you sure
> you installed 1.5.25-11 and not another version accidentally?  Or,
> the -7 version was installed already and a Cygwin process was still
> running or something like that?
> Corinna

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