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Re: Cygwin doesn't install on Windows Server 2008 (x64).

Unfortunately I'm not intimately familiar with Cygwin sources. I was assuming
that someone who actually understands what the setup is doing could suggest
places to look at, perhaps some log files or error dumps. I couldn't find any
useful logs, the only one that I've found wasn't flushed and had size 0, and
looking at system calls gave me no hints because "" doesn't
apparently generate any. 

Surely, the setup must leave some traces of its activities. I'd be happy to
contribute some time and energy to this opensource effort by collecting
information about a possible bug, but I can't afford to become expert on
Cygwin. I was hoping someone who is already an expert can provide hints. If
not, that's perfectly fine. I can live without Cygwin.

What is the purpose of "", and what kind of system calls does it
attempt at making? Surely, it must be something very unusual because I've got
all sorts of win32 apps running on this machine without any glitch. It has to
be related to the fact that it runs on WoWx64, for I verified that x32
doesn't have such problem. I'd imagine there'd be only a handful of places in
Cygwin that require the sort of unusual functionality from the OS that 99%
other apps don't need, and if we further narrow it down to the post-install
setup, that'd be even less. 


> Still, I can't reproduce the problem.  I'm, too, running RTM versions
> from MSDN, x86 and x64 Standard Edition.  Just for kicks, I'll install
> an Enterprise x64 in the next couple of days and try again. 
> Can somebody else confirm or deny such a problem on 2008?
> Other than that, you're the one who could debug any problems.  I can't
> tell what you should look for.  Except for "it hangs without taking
> CPU", we have no other details.

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