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RE: Cygwin doesn't install on Windows Server 2008 (x64).


I'm positive about that, I just retried that on a clean machine. I'd be happy
to send you logs or other debug info if you just tell me what you would need.
I've looked at the log in C:\cygwin\var, but the file size is 0, the setup is
probably not flushing the stuff it writes to the file.

The version is -11, I've double-checked it again during the setup.

The issue may not be the same as the one fixed in 1.5.25-11 because I don't
actually get 100% CPU usage. While running "", bash.exe simply pauses
forever, without apparently using any CPU.

I've monitored system calls in Process Monitor. While going over "",
which does eventually complete (after a long time), I can see bash.exe making
system calls. While going over "", I don't see anything, it hangs.

I'm running an RTM version of Windows Server 2008, downloaded from MSDN, on a
fairly new ThinkPad T61p. The systems is otherwise very stable, I didn't have
problems with 32-bit apps running over WoW so far. 


> I can't reproduce this problem with 1.5.25-11.  It would have been an
> expected problem with 1.5.25-7 (though not on the x64 version), but when
> you install -11, this is supposed to work fine on 2008 Server.  And it
> does for me, I just tried a fresh base install on a vanilla 2008
> Standard Server Edition.
> There must be something else broken on your machine.  Are you sure that
> you installed 1.5.25-11 and not another version accidentally?  Or, maybe
> the -7 version was installed already and a Cygwin process was still
> running or something like that?
> Corinna

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