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RE: Easy question - Colors

Colors is a bit of a hobby. Some of these are hideous, but variety is
the spice, and all that...

Foreground   Background
rgb:5c/61/0a rgb:a0/9f/f2
rgb:eb/d3/91 rgb:0e/29/6f
rgb:34/1b/c6 rgb:ca/df/3b
rgb:ce/f5/c8 rgb:33/09/33
rgb:52/04/32 rgb:ad/f7/c7
rgb:00/00/00 rgb:23/b1/75
rgb:37/2e/82 rgb:c5/d5/76
rgb:cb/c1/57 rgb:31/39/ae
rgb:d4/12/0e rgb:28/f3/f4
rgb:12/5a/39 rgb:e6/a9/c0
rgb:88/fa/b7 rgb:7e/0c/48
rgb:00/37/d4 rgb:fd/cb/2d
rgb:60/b3/c9 rgb:a6/46/3c
rgb:b4/c5/8a rgb:4c/3a/74
rgb:ae/cb/c4 rgb:57/34/40
rgb:ee/98/81 rgb:11/6c/7e
rgb:e6/ed/d3 rgb:18/12/2a
rgb:11/33/00 rgb:f4/42/2f
rgb:7b/ed/a3 rgb:82/0b/57
rgb:8b/0f/6b rgb:6d/f8/8d
rgb:6d/f9/ea rgb:96/08/0e
rgb:ee/c8/69 rgb:16/3e/97
rgb:28/48/48 rgb:ee/ee/d1
rgb:35/21/b4 rgb:c9/df/4e
rgb:da/b3/d3 rgb:37/69/48
rgb:2d/5c/73 rgb:cb/8c/67
rgb:d9/f6/3a rgb:22/07/be
rgb:3f/3a/c9 rgb:c6/cb/37
rgb:e9/ca/98 rgb:27/55/99
rgb:65/e5/28 rgb:97/21/dc
rgb:52/33/a9 rgb:ab/d0/53
rgb:12/65/67 rgb:ec/94/92
rgb:68/29/4d rgb:98/d8/b1
rgb:10/12/0d rgb:f6/ef/ef
rgb:00/00/00 rgb:d0/1f/6a
rgb:5c/08/f6 rgb:ab/f6/0e
rgb:69/f4/4a rgb:98/0e/b1
rgb:2f/2d/1e rgb:cf/d9/e9
rgb:82/96/de rgb:7b/6f/20
rgb:e1/ab/fa rgb:19/4d/02
rgb:5c/f0/84 rgb:a7/09/75
rgb:77/fe/9c rgb:83/00/69
pink saddlebrown
rgb:fb/d3/b0 rgb:00/2b/56
rgb:b9/c7/d0 rgb:44/3c/2b
rgb:ed/ec/19 rgb:14/1b/e7
rgb:f8/d6/9f rgb:0b/23/5f
rgb:a3/03/c8 rgb:62/fc/3b
rgb:25/14/04 rgb:df/ee/ff
rgb:73/f9/c0 rgb:91/0e/39
rgb:d3/fe/e7 rgb:28/00/13
rgb:ef/11/fa rgb:15/f5/04
rgb:42/cd/fb rgb:ba/2b/00
rgb:ca/ac/c7 rgb:30/5a/39
LightGoldenrod1 DarkSlateGray
rgb:9f/c9/97 rgb:60/39/6e
rgb:00/00/00 rgb:ea/54/0e
rgb:f8/21/65 rgb:00/e6/a2
rgb:96/cf/58 rgb:6b/2c/a2
rgb:00/00/00 rgb:de/68/6d
rgb:53/cc/9d rgb:ae/32/61
rgb:aa/cc/ee rgb:45/68/64
rgb:e3/f2/d1 rgb:6a/7c/c
rgb:6b/d3/87 rgb:9b/33/76
rgb:c4/c0/b6 rgb:3c/40/47
rgb:99/fb/a8 rgb:69/00/51
rgb:5d/4a/72 rgb:a2/b1/8f
rgb:89/35/1c rgb:70/d2/e3
rgb:56/26/ef rgb:12/db/a6
rgb:2e/25/24 rgb:ce/da/de
rgb:48/5d/7e rgb:b3/9c/7c
rgb:fa/d2/5c rgb:02/2c/a3
rgb:6b/3c/9c rgb:97/be/61
rgb:99/3c/9a rgb:67/ca/5e
rgb:97/b2/d9 rgb:63/51/26
rgb:ff/ff/ff rgb:3d/78/89
rgb:ff/ff/ff rgb:07/74/57
rgb:98/ce/2d rgb:6c/2f/d1
rgb:ec/f7/f1 rgb:13/10/16
rgb:c1/cf/36 rgb:55/51/d4
gainsboro gray27
rgb:cb/8c/67 rgb:2d/5c/73
rgb:01/1c/7a rgb:ff/e5/89
rgb:2f/e7/fc rgb:d4/1e/08
rgb:dd/cb/d7 rgb:1b/38/28
rgb:85/b3/cc rgb:89/5d/45
rgb:ba/dc/fe rgb:86/9c/8b
rgb:16/3e/97 rgb:ee/c8/69
rgb:ff/ee/dd rgb:72/73/23
yellow rgb:35/ab/71
rgb:00/22/44 rgb:9c/a2/3b
rgb:dd/bc/4a rgb:26/3c/b3
rgb:96/08/0e rgb:6d/f9/ea
rgb:ff/ff/ff rgb:78/78/51
rgb:a9/e4/7b rgb:54/17/85
rgb:d7/f5/99 rgb:22/12/69
rgb:ee/f5/3b rgb:0a/0a/cb
rgb:80/31/ec rgb:82/cb/18
rgb:30/09/11 rgb:3d/99/63
rgb:8c/2e/9a rgb:76/cc/6c
rgb:db/c8/6a rgb:1f/39/90
rgb:e2/eb/7c rgb:20/17/80
rgb:00/00/00 rgb:cb/85/2f
rgb:ea/af/ea rgb:ac/75/6e
rgb:11/00/08 rgb:ea/46/26
rgb:17/1a/71 rgb:ec/de/8d
rgb:70/31/c8 rgb:8e/cd/32
rgb:6c/2c/a4 rgb:93/d9/5a
rgb:bf/38/33 rgb:42/c7/cf
rgb:ff/dd/aa rgb:6e/6d/58
rgb:61/f9/99 rgb:a0/00/60
rgb:8c/cc/91 rgb:6d/34/69
rgb:7c/10/22 rgb:7d/e8/e2
rgb:fa/b8/c8 rgb:08/4d/3e
rgb:41/5a/69 rgb:b9/9f/9e
rgb:a7/d5/43 rgb:55/29/c2
rgb:41/28/42 rgb:c1/d4/c3
rgb:ff/ff/ff rgb:8b/63/a1
rgb:08/04/00 rgb:05/fc/48
rgb:c8/c7/35 rgb:61/62/db
rgb:01/2d/28 rgb:ff/da/d0
rgb:89/d6/ef rgb:bc/65/50
rgb:ea/f1/12 rgb:16/0f/f4
rgb:47/45/c4 rgb:b5/c0/37
rgb:ed/bd/d3 rgb:0c/44/2a
rgb:8a/1a/6e rgb:76/e9/90
rgb:f1/e5/3a rgb:0a/1b/be
rgb:03/37/23 rgb:f6/92/c7
rgb:64/01/98 rgb:9d/ff/64
rgb:26/02/31 rgb:d2/ff/d4
rgb:58/63/42 rgb:ac/9a/be
rgb:d0/f0/e0 rgb:33/73/81
rgb:0f/0f/5a rgb:ac/75/6e
rgb:45/35/03 rgb:b8/c9/f9
rgb:fb/a9/90 rgb:0a/5b/70
rgb:8f/4a/34 rgb:75/b7/ca
rgb:e5/ea/d4 rgb:14/16/24
rgb:bb/d3/21 rgb:5a/35/f0
rgb:2c/22/f8 rgb:d0/e2/0f
rgb:8f/12/49 rgb:6d/e7/b2
rgb:94/19/28 rgb:6b/e8/da
rgb:3c/3d/3e rgb:bf/c4/bc
rgb:50/0e/99 rgb:b7/eb/68
yellow darkslategray
rgb:23/e5/f0 rgb:e2/1c/15
rgb:7d/cf/c8 rgb:c5/6d/75
rgb:fb/dd/58 rgb:07/26/aa
rgb:54/25/c7 rgb:41/b0/3e
rgb:95/66/66 rgb:a3/c5/be
rgb:81/41/71 rgb:81/c3/88
rgb:7e/0c/48 rgb:88/fa/b7
rgb:39/37/5f rgb:ca/c1/a5
rgb:c5/6d/75 rgb:0d/15/14
DarkSlateGray LightGoldenrod1
rgb:d6/da/ed rgb:2b/22/14
rgb:cf/bf/3e rgb:44/4b/ce
rgb:ee/ee/d1 rgb:28/48/48
rgb:7e/dd/dc rgb:7a/23/28
rgb:fc/be/3d rgb:22/4d/c1
rgb:ef/03/2a rgb:16/ff/d2
rgb:3c/06/0f rgb:c4/f4/f6
rgb:01/23/45 rgb:a9/aa/44
DodgerBlue4 MintCream
rgb:a4/2a/51 rgb:55/da/aa
rgb:65/f0/b9 rgb:98/10/4d
rgb:92/45/2a rgb:5c/af/c2
mistyrose midnightblue
rgb:54/3e/7a rgb:ae/bc/8d
rgb:98/e3/a3 rgb:65/17/56
rgb:e3/21/56 rgb:00/db/a5
rgb:9a/be/c4 rgb:5f/3e/3b
rgb:2c/2d/2e rgb:cd/d0/d0
rgb:5e/cb/98 rgb:a2/32/64
rgb:ac/c5/93 rgb:5a/36/67
rgb:00/00/00 rgb:a5/93/50
rgb:da/f1/88 rgb:27/0f/72
rgb:c7/b9/d1 rgb:3a/42/33
rgb:28/00/13 rgb:d3/fe/e7
rgb:de/d8/7f rgb:1b/2e/87
rgb:b3/ef/a4 rgb:51/10/5e
rgb:24/e5/e0 rgb:da/14/26
rgb:73/56/91 rgb:8e/b0/6e
rgb:ec/fc/2e rgb:10/09/cd
rgb:ff/ff/ff rgb:b9/5f/59
rgb:ff/ff/ff rgb:57/66/b8
rgb:7d/01/9b rgb:7b/fa/66
rgb:ff/ff/ff rgb:40/63/8c
rgb:db/da/62 rgb:21/1e/a5
rgb:ca/b0/e6 rgb:32/4e/19
rgb:5f/f6/d9 rgb:9f/07/26
rgb:05/23/17 rgb:f9/d9/e9
rgb:da/c0/44 rgb:25/3c/b6
rgb:14/1d/ef rgb:e5/e8/12
rgb:10/0c/98 rgb:f0/f8/66
rgb:dc/c8/f8 rgb:26/3e/0c
rgb:10/1f/15 rgb:f5/e1/f2
rgb:d1/ca/de rgb:2c/3b/1d
rgb:a7/b1/f5 rgb:5c/55/0a
rgb:ff/9b/73 rgb:24/77/a0
rgb:6b/e8/da rgb:94/19/28
rgb:9a/bc/de rgb:9f/65/52
rgb:ff/db/c6 rgb:06/74/74
rgb:31/13/3 rgb:45/70/95 LightBlue BloodRed
rgb:92/0c/6f rgb:6a/ec/94
rgb:07/4c/10 rgb:fe/b8/ee
rgb:99/ba/95 rgb:75/4e/74
rgb:37/27/8f rgb:c2/d3/6d
rgb:f3/fe/c5 rgb:05/06/38
rgb:0d/65/a2 rgb:f3/a2/64
rgb:74/53/23 rgb:93/a7/d6
rgb:8e/b7/35 rgb:79/4a/cc
rgb:40/3c/55 rgb:c3/c3/b1
rgb:c3/d5/a1 rgb:43/24/5a
rgb:5f/5e/64 rgb:a7/a8/9c
rgb:59/1a/f5 rgb:a1/e4/04
rgb:40/2e/3e rgb:ba/d5/c6
rgb:73/ce/ff rgb:a2/60/0d
rgb:d0/f2/34 rgb:28/07/c7
rgb:1c/00/f1 rgb:e8/ff/12
rgb:11/57/56 rgb:e1/89/90
rgb:00/0f/0f rgb:8e/97/50
rgb:4c/42/15 rgb:b9/c1/e7
rgb:42/0f/cc rgb:bb/ed/2c
rgb:5b/44/58 rgb:a8/ba/a7
rgb:d9/0e/8f rgb:22/ed/6c
rgb:ea/f6/fa rgb:18/0e/00
rgb:0e/4a/11 rgb:f1/b9/eb
rgb:c8/be/f2 rgb:32/3f/06
rgb:16/21/38 rgb:e3/51/84
rgb:46/21/2b rgb:bf/e2/db
rgb:96/e6/42 rgb:77/3e/c2
rgb:e0/bd/7b rgb:19/47/7e
rgb:45/e8/83 rgb:bf/1b/82
rgb:52/25/9e rgb:aa/d7/63
gray27 gainsboro
rgb:07/40/72 rgb:e3/86/2e
rgb:ff/ff/ff rgb:c5/59/b9
rgb:cb/15/6e rgb:32/e5/99
rgb:7a/33/ad rgb:58/b7/14
rgb:19/6f/7e rgb:e1/90/84
rgb:62/48/45 rgb:72/8d/91
rgb:cb/ea/1c rgb:30/0f/e
rgb:00/00/00 rgb:62/9c/93
rgb:d4/31/8c rgb:2f/cb/75
rgb:70/d2/e3 rgb:89/35/1c
rgb:d6/d2/95 rgb:24/2a/65
rgb:b0/f4/8a rgb:4a/04/7c
rgb:00/00/00 rgb:c9/73/28
rgb:3a/46/4d rgb:c5/be/b9
rgb:f0/f0/f0 rgb:0b/7f/73
rgb:27/05/98 rgb:e0/fd/6c
rgb:b9/9f/9e rgb:41/5a/69
rgb:3e/6d/57 rgb:c7/8e/ac
rgb:c1/bd/a4 rgb:40/3d/60
rgb:7d/4d/44 rgb:8a/b6/b8
rgb:20/42/7e rgb:cc/96/2b
rgb:c9/d6/63 rgb:3c/28/9f
rgb:e2/12/73 rgb:1c/ec/91
rgb:00/00/00 rgb:f8/03/b6
rgb:00/00/00 rgb:ac/a4/26
rgb:a2/f6/5b rgb:5d/02/a9
rgb:fc/96/86 rgb:0e/78/91
rgb:3d/14/0f rgb:c0/f0/eb
rgb:35/5d/4a rgb:c7/8e/ac
rgb:2e/68/32 rgb:c0/80/b8
rgb:0f/60/08 rgb:ee/a0/f5
rgb:d1/b5/34 rgb:35/47/c9
rgb:0f/4b/4b rgb:ac/75/6e
rgb:f8/03/b6 rgb:00/00/00
rgb:0c/30/30 rgb:e1/9b/99
rgb:c6/af/99 rgb:3a/52/68
rgb:43/0b/9b rgb:c1/fa/5e
rgb:91/0e/5a rgb:69/ef/a2
rgb:ff/ff/ff rgb:c9/73/28
rgb:c4/86/bc rgb:2e/68/32
rgb:5e/1f/39 rgb:a6/db/c0
rgb:f9/ba/39 rgb:05/46/c4
rgb:5d/04/5f rgb:a5/fc/9c
rgb:9b/cf/d5 rgb:9f/79/77
rgb:00/00/00 rgb:ea/9b/a3
rgb:7/34/76 rgb:f2/92/21
rgb:1f/56/01 rgb:e0/a8/f9
rgb:00/00/00 rgb:ef/35/5f
rgb:11/0b/0b rgb:eb/f3/f4
rgb:5a/0f/5a rgb:ac/75/6e
darkslategray yellow
rgb:81/31/81 rgb:82/ce/79
rgb:ed/a4/6f rgb:10/57/8e
rgb:f0/f0/ff rgb:07/58/c1
rgb:10/05/15 rgb:76/72/71
rgb:01/73/99 rgb:ff/8d/63
rgb:d2/b6/75 rgb:42/54/94
rgb:b8/f2/da rgb:4b/10/29
rgb:35/e2/95 rgb:d2/21/67
rgb:71/cd/7f rgb:93/3a/85
rgb:0d/15/14 rgb:c5/6d/75
rgb:8c/ff/bf rgb:7b/07/42
rgb:b7/bb/7c rgb:4f/44/85
rgb:bf/c1/68 rgb:3b/39/96
rgb:e6/03/08 rgb:1d/f8/fe
rgb:48/4d/b5 rgb:b1/b1/36
rgb:18/43/ec rgb:ee/bf/10
rgb:3b/f2/1e rgb:c3/11/e1
rgb:f0/f0/ff rgb:65/56/b8
rgb:3e/20/12 rgb:c9/d9/f5
rgb:0f/5a/0f rgb:ac/75/6e
rgb:cd/e9/0a rgb:32/13/f3
rgb:1d/6b/1a rgb:e5/93/df
rgb:54/32/10 rgb:c3/87/57
rgb:03/0c/08 rgb:f8/18/c7
rgb:41/04/28 rgb:be/f8/df
rgb:b3/17/2c rgb:4c/e5/d8
rgb:fe/dc/ba rgb:5a/81/b6
rgb:50/4b/55 rgb:b7/ad/a7
rgb:5c/af/c2 rgb:92/45/2a
rgb:ff/ff/ff rgb:1b/97/a1
rgb:08/0c/79 rgb:f2/ec/8b
rgb:21/47/88 rgb:d9/b9/78
rgb:60/16/5f rgb:9d/ef/9d
rgb:e0/0b/ae rgb:27/f2/58
rgb:00/00/00 rgb:9f/8e/6f
rgb:3d/78/89 rgb:00/00/00
rgb:28/00/13 rgb:d3/fe/e7
rgb:00/00/00 rgb:21/ce/63
pink black
MintCream DodgerBlue4
rgb:da/f4/a0 rgb:2c/0e/62
rgb:a7/ca/52 rgb:5f/38/b4
rgb:9b/29/c8 rgb:67/d9/33
rgb:79/ff/d4 rgb:82/07/2e
rgb:20/5e/bb rgb:dc/a4/49
rgb:e0/f4/32 rgb:1d/12/d2
rgb:4a/12/7d rgb:b4/ed/8a
rgb:9c/24/0c rgb:6b/e3/f6
rgb:c3/c3/b1 rgb:40/3c/55
rgb:ff/ff/ff rgb:62/9c/93
rgb:4c/15/03 rgb:b1/e6/fe
rgb:9a/38/21 rgb:6b/c6/e5
rgb:73/e5/42 rgb:8b/1b/b9
rgb:a3/e6/e9 rgb:5c/14/12
rgb:01/23/45 rgb:c5/59/b9
rgb:c1/fd/51 rgb:46/00/b2
rgb:93/a5/df rgb:71/57/1b
rgb:5a/0f/0f rgb:ac/75/6e
rgb:07/3b/98 rgb:f1/bd/6c
rgb:09/3f/4e rgb:e1/90/84
rgb:83/f5/e1 rgb:ca/47/6b
rgb:55/e6/bc rgb:a4/12/4a
rgb:8c/da/c2 rgb:90/58/61
rgb:c2/b8/ba rgb:50/69/5e
rgb:0e/78/91 rgb:fc/96/86
rgb:d2/b3/8c rgb:2e/52/78
rgb:da/a4/9e rgb:42/69/83
rgb:86/03/4d rgb:77/ff/ad
rgb:ab/cd/ef rgb:93/90/1a
rgb:1e/44/a4 rgb:d8/a3/39
rgb:35/10/9c rgb:c8/e8/66
rgb:df/2c/5f rgb:22/cd/a3
rgb:78/36/9b rgb:81/c9/69
rgb:45/f4/c9 rgb:b3/11/3b
rgb:a6/46/3c rgb:60/b3/c9
rgb:a3/bc/ff rgb:7b/6f/20
rgb:ff/da/d0 rgb:01/2d/28
rgb:63/2d/66 rgb:97/cb/93
rgb:8a/cf/7a rgb:6e/2d/86
rgb:fb/b1/b3 rgb:08/4b/4f
rgb:2d/3a/46 rgb:cd/c4/b4
rgb:a9/01/30 rgb:52/f8/c8
rgb:8a/b8/af rgb:79/43/4c
rgb:4f/27/43 rgb:af/d1/c2
rgb:97/e9/a7 rgb:6d/15/5d
rgb:ab/cd/ef rgb:70/70/aa
rgb:93/d4/36 rgb:6a/24/d0

Charles Stepp
Meskimen's Law:
There's never time to do it rite, but there's always time to do it over.
-----Original Message-----
From: Phil Betts [] 
Sent: Wednesday, March 12, 2008 2:06 PM
Subject: RE: Easy question

Troy Bull wrote on Wednesday, March 12, 2008 5:45 PM::

> Greetings
> I use rxvt and I use the -fg and -bg to set colors.  Where can i find
> a list of the colors that I can put in there.  I know I can do the
> obvious ones, Black, White, Blue, etc but I also found "Wheat" and
> some other ones work.  I would like to know if there is a list in a
> file anywhere that says all the ones that work.
> Thanks
> Troy

If you've installed the xorg-x11-libs-data package, you'll
find the list in /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/rgb.txt

If you haven't installed that package, and don't want to, I'm
sure a google for rgb.txt will uncover a copy or two.

Another option if you've installed the xorg-x11-bin package
is to run the showrgb command.

Unless you can't resist the idea of requesting a foreground such 
as PapayaWhip, you can also specify colours numerically using the 
standard X11 syntax, e.g. "rgb:c0/00/f0", or "#c000f0".

"man X", then search for "COLOR NAMES", for more extensive info.


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