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Suggest upgrading to emacs 22.1.92?

After a long hiatus from the Cygwin mailing list, here I am, back again.
I'm sure I'll regret it soon enough. :-)

I installed the Cygwin emacs 22.1-3 package, along with emacs-el and
emacs-X11, because I wanted to use some elisp files that were
incompatible with emacs 21, and I didn't feel like going through them
and changing all the incompatibilities back to emacs 21 syntax.  All my
other packages are current.

I found that 22.1-3 crashed frequently (like, every few minutes during
active use).

I downloaded the source for emacs 22.1.92, the current pretest version,
from the FSF server and compiled and installed it myself, and it's
running quite solidly and hasn't crashed on me once.

So, two questions:

1. Has anyone else experienced frequent crashes with 22.1-3?
2. Would the maintainer of the emacs package be willing to switch the
experimental package from 22.1 to 22.1.92, or to provide 22.1.92 in
addition to 22.1?



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