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Re: performance issue with sshd and cygrunsrv

Stephen David wrote:

Thanks for your response.

With regard to this performance problem, I've discovered that this is not just an sshd problem -- scripts/commands I run through cron also exhibit the same behavior. (ie. find, curl, date, etc). Is there something about the user context under which these services run that could be causing this? Or does this point to cygrunsrv?
What does your PATH environment variable look like? Make sure it doesn't contain any network paths. As soon as I removed them, I got much better performance with ssh (I haven't used cron with Cygwin).

Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be it. There are no network paths in either: a) the user whom I am connect via ssh as b) the environment in which the ssh / cron services run (ie. cron_server, sshd_server)

I'm thinking its something about the user and/or context under which those services run. Should it matter if those services are running as domain users? Any other ideas?


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