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Re: performance issue with sshd and cygrunsrv


Thanks for your response.

>>With regard to this performance problem, I've discovered that this  
>>is not just an sshd problem -- scripts/commands I run through cron  
>>also exhibit the same behavior.  (ie. find, curl, date, etc).  Is  
>>there something about the user context under which these services  
>>run that could be causing this?  Or does this point to cygrunsrv?
>What does your PATH environment variable look like?  Make sure it  
>doesn't contain any network paths.  As soon as I removed them, I got  
>much better performance with ssh (I haven't used cron with Cygwin).

Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be it.  There are no network paths in either:
a) the user whom I am connect via ssh as
b) the environment in which the ssh / cron services run (ie. cron_server, sshd_server)

I'm thinking its something about the user and/or context under which those services 
run.  Should it matter if those services are running as domain users?  Any other ideas?


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