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Re: Incident: gdb.exe seems to fail when launched from win (and no cygprogs in stack).

Brian Dessent wrote:
Linda Walsh wrote: you've done it. You had me break 'gdb'.

- The reduced testcase is: int main(int, char **) { fork(); }
(well, the int, char** was complained about, but I thought that should
have done it...BUT, it not only doesn't give the error, neither does
the original problematic binary.

The same binary that didn't work yesterday *is* *working* today.  I
haven't rebooted (but my system did hibernate, so maybe that re-arranged
memory?), nor run any updates.  Perhaps it was a memory fragmentation
issue, though not sure why it was so specific to directory what it
was called from.

So as I hinted before but now "have to": ignore the running test.exe's-
as-called-from-windows "problem".
(grrrr....I really hate it when a bug goes away for no reason -- since
I don't know what was wrong, I don't know when or if it will come back at
some inopportune time).

That being said...gdb.exe is still failing with the same error --....
Who knows...if I just ignore it and don't use gdb.exe in 'cmd.exe' (as
called direct from win, no underlying cygwin shell), I won't get the

At least temporarily, the gdb.exe failure (under specific conditions)
isn't highest on my priority list.

And if I can't reproduce the other error, then I can't spend time trying
to figure that one out...  So...until I can figure out what made it
go away (or what caused it in the first place), I can't ask anyone else
to look at it...).

Meanwhile, your idea of "gvim->"gvim&" (maybe a
shell function so it can take parameters) and skipping fork altogether,
just making it a non-backgrounding redirect for sake of launching gvim from
correct path seems the best way to proceed.

Thanks for helping me hash out some ways to move forward (even though the
underlying technical junk is still 'weird')....

I just hate times like these -- either everything is blowing up around me
for no good reason, or things just "go away" and nothing's happing and
I try to remember what I was doing before all the problems arose
(like the being up to ass in alligators when objective was to drain
swamp)....  *sigh*

Thanks again Brian for the's given me some good ideas to
circumvent the problem -- so maybe I won't get bitten by it in the future
should circumstances even arise that it "might have"...


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