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Re: Problem with running OPENSSH

STTB wrote:
hi, thanks first!
I am a totally newbie.
I've installed a cypwin on a XP server 2003. But when i typed "net start
opensshd", it says the service name is invalid. I installed the package
"openssh ...." and I've added the path.
What problem is it? Do i need to install  Openssh application on it? I did
try, the computer crashed when i was installing it.
any idea would be appreciated.

If you installed Cygwin's openssh package, you should have installed the server with 'ssh-host-config'. If you did not, you're better off uninstalling Cygwin:


After that, reinstall and read '/usr/share/doc/Cygwin/openssh.readme'
and follow the instructions there to install the service.

If you have further problems, please read and follow the problem reporting
guidelines given here:


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