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RE: rsync

Sisyphus wrote:
> Is there an rsync package for Cygwin ?

Yes.  When you're in setup and looking at the package list, click the
button near the top-right to change views to an alphabetized list of all
packages, and you should be able to find it.

Steven Hartland wrote:
> Its very unreliable over ssh, constantly locks up part way transfers,
> so if you do use it I'd recommend using daemon mode.

I use Cygwin rsync within my Windows box and over Cygwin ssh to fetch
backup tarballs from my FreeBSD box, and it works.  It's not as fast as
I think it should be, but I don't have the skills or time to figure out
why so I just wait and it gets the job done eventually.

> Alternatively use SFU which doesn't have the issues.

I tried SFU a while back and seem to recall that it lacked one or more
"killer apps" that I use, so I use Cygwin.  I may whine about Cygwin
from time to time, but it's still the best GNU/OSS toolkit for Windows.


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