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Problem with Cygwin and ClearCase

I just upgraded ClearCase to a new version and immediately I have
new problems relating to Cygwin. 

I use Windows XP Pro service pack 2, latest Cygwin, and ClearCase

ClearCase tools such as clearexplorer.exe and clearvtree.exe run OK 
when launched from Windows. I can also launch them from a DOS box.

If I use a Cygwin bash script to launch a ClearCase tool then it gets
an application error. For example,
	Faulting application clearexplorer.exe, version,
	faulting module kernel32.dll, version 5.1.2600.3119, fault
	address 0x00012a5b.

Here's where it gets weird. 

I have ClearCase tools in the context menu of Windows Explorer. If I 
launch Windows Explorer from Windows, then I can launch these 
ClearCase tools from the context menu, no problem. However, if I 
	1. Launch Windows Explorer from a Cygwin bash script.
	2. Launch a ClearCase tool from the context menu of Windows
then I get the application error again. I notice that when I launch
Windows Explorer in this way, I get a new Windows Explorer process. 

Similarly, if I 
	1. Launch a DOS box from Cygwin/bash by typing "cygstart cmd"
	2. Launch a ClearCase tool from the resulting DOS box
then I get the application error again.

I am writing to this mail list to inquire what is "special" about
processes started by a Cygwin bash process. "Special," when compared to
launching from a DOS box or from a standard Windows shortcut. Thanks
for any suggestions.

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