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Problem running sshd on cygwin (DLL: 1.5.25) and WinPE 2.0

I'm trying to use cygwin OpenSSH on WinPE 2.0 environment. I've tried the
following 2 setups
1. Cygwin+OpenSSH on Windows XP SP2
2. Cygwin+OpenSSH on WinPE 2.0
Both these setups were done by running the bundled "ssh-host-config" script.
I'm not using Privilege Separation and also for Setup#2, I'm not using the
"sshd_server" for now. However, I've tried both the options
a. Selectively giving inputs to the "ssh-host-config".
   Result: The service starts correctly (with net start sshd).
b. Running "ssh-host-config -y" (and then creating the "sshd_server" user).
   Result: The sshd service doesn't start (gives error 1068, service
   could not start because dependency services failed to start).
Now, to connect to both these setups, I'm using the bundled ssh client and a
Java program, which uses a third-party SSH libraries (Maverick). For
Setup#1, both programs work fine. For Setup#2, following happens
1. Option#a: ssh client can connect, but the Java program can't. It receives the
following error:
  Exit code: 255
  setreuid 500/544: No such process
2. Option#b: The sshd service doesn't start.
For Setup#2, I did try various options and in particular the steps mentioned
in multiple cygwing mailing list threads to run "ssh-host-config -y" .

I've attached two cygcheck output files
1. cygcheck_without_sshd_server: This is the one with Setup#2, option#a.
2. cygcheck_with_sshd_server: This is the one with Setup#2, option#b.
Note: In both these cygcheck runs, it complained about 'id' program and some other
cygwin utils not found. However, I've verified that these are in the system path
as well as in the path of the DOS prompt from where I ran cygcheck.
My preference would be to get things working as recommended in most cygwin setups
(using "ssh-host-config -y", which is option#b in my case). However, if someone can
help me get either options working that would be great.
- Nitin

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Description: cygcheck_with_sshd_server.txt

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