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Re: util-linux package incomplete?

Eric Blake wrote:
According to Angelo Graziosi on 3/7/2008 10:48 AM:
| Running 'cygcheck -cv' says that util-linux package is incomplete:
| Missing file: /usr/bin/logger.exe from package util-linux
| util-linux               2.13.1-1              Incomplete
| Since I have read some discussion on cygwin-apps list regarding this
| package, should one reinstall it or wait for an update?

This is due to multiple packages providing the same file (at least at one
point in time). If package A used to provide a file, but package B now
does, but you don't upgrade A until after B, then the upgrade of A will
delete the file. At any rate, the fix is the same - rerun setup.exe, and
reinstall anything that shows up as incomplete.
I noticed, today, that while 'look' (part of util-linux) is present the package,
installs correctly (according to 'cygcheck') and works (loads and runs on
Vista), the 'dict' file is missing.


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