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csih and sspi with guest accounts

Reini Urban schrieb:
You can inspect the library without downloading and unpacking the tarballs using this link:
Thanks, will be considered for the next postgresql package.

I'd need to warn the user on XP about an active
"net user Guest" account. "Guest" needs to be localized, hmm.
I have "Gast" in german.
This is a big security hole with the new sspi auth on postgresql.
Originally I wanted to use sspi as default auth scheme for postgresql-8.3.0-1, instead of md5-default

and esp.

I believe having a global shell function for the postinstaller
to check for xp and an active Guest account would make sense for the service helper.

csih_is_2008() would also be appreciated.

In my case one has to to disable the Guest account with
net user Guest /active:no
to be able to activate sspi in /usr/share/postgresql/pg_hba.conf
So far I plan to solve this with documentation, which rarely someone reads, which I see from the questions in the list.
Reini Urban

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