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Re: GraphicsMagick: gm does nothing, always exits with status 53

On Fri, 7 Mar 2008, Andrew Schulman wrote:

> > convert -list Format
> >
> > from ImageMagick coredumps for me. Can anybody else check ?
> Sure enough... same result here.
> IM seems to be fairly up to date.  README lists quetschke@... as the
> maintainer. Is s/he listening?

I'm sure he is -- he replied to a message on cygwin-apps the other day.

> > By the way
> >
> > gm convert -list Format
> >
> > from GraphicsMagick works fine.
> I guess you still have your old cygdpstk-1.dll still lying around...
> $ gm convert -list Format || echo $?
> 53

Interesting.  I also seem to have cygdpstk-1.dll on my system, but
cygcheck -f /usr/X11R6/bin/cygdpstk-1.dll returns nothing.

I know a new release of the X packages has been built since we've lost the
X maintainer, and a few patches have been omitted from it (in particular,
one that fixed building font directories on text mounts).  It's probably a
matter of getting a new X maintainer and having him or her rebuild the
package yet again to also include cygdpstk-1.dll.

I doubt there's anything the GraphicsMagick maintainer can do, considering
the dependency.
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