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Re: Trying to install mod_perl on apache2

Dave Korn <dave.korn <at>> writes:

>   It may be a matter of whoever installed it having seen a request for a
> listening task on port 80 pop up and having clicked to block it without
> really knowing why;


> have you gone through the per-program allow/deny
> settings to see if an entry has been created for it?

I tried to look for that, but abandoned after a short while not finding
where to look at. I am slightly overwhelmed with too many options...

>   Ouchie.  Alas, I can't promise you that uninstalling it will solve the
> underlying problem that you have to deal with here, only that it's worth
> considering.

Guess whether I have the right to do that.
All of this is buried under a deep layer of opaque wrappers installed
semi-automatically. This doesn't make it simple to follow...

> Given that it probably takes somewhere between 30 minutes and
> an hour to uninstall, reboot, test, and then reinstall if necessary, it's up
> to you to decide when that becomes more worth while than trying other
> things!


For now, I decided to give a try to TWiki without mod_perl, and to 
come back to mod_perl later...
The reason I do this on cygwin on my laptop, is that my IT support won't
grant me sudo access to the Solaris box on my desk...


I consider the following witty signature: Did you try reboot?

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