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Re: Long filename support, soon?

Adam Thompson wrote:
On 06/03/2008, Larry Hall (Cygwin) <> wrote:
It is one of the many enhancements in the forthcoming 1.7 series.  And
 it seems it is also an excruciatingly large task.  There is no timetable
 for 1.7 as a result.  But many hands make light work.  If you and others
 you know have hands to lend, I know Corinna has a list of tasks that can
 use them.

Is this list published anywhere?

I'm not a developer (unless you're porting to Sinclair ZX BASIC), but
perhaps there are some tasks that us sysadmin/support/doco people can
help with?

I remember a list of tasks being sent to this list by Corrina but I can't put my finger on it right now. As I recall, these were all development tasks. Corrina would be the best one to say if there are specific tasks in the areas you mentioned.

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