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RE: Trying to install mod_perl on apache2

On 06 March 2008 17:34, Marc Girod wrote:

> Dave Korn <dave.korn <at>> writes:
>>   I think I see a possible connection here...
> Please. My understatement was not totally clueless.
> But I am surprised that 81 works, then.
> Even checked from an other machine.

  It may be a matter of whoever installed it having seen a request for a
listening task on port 80 pop up and having clicked to block it without
really knowing why; have you gone through the per-program allow/deny
settings to see if an entry has been created for it?

>>   BTW, is it ZA free edition or ZA professional (full paid-for edition)?
> I am afraid it probably is.

  Ouchie.  Alas, I can't promise you that uninstalling it will solve the
underlying problem that you have to deal with here, only that it's worth
considering.  Given that it probably takes somewhere between 30 minutes and
an hour to uninstall, reboot, test, and then reinstall if necessary, it's up
to you to decide when that becomes more worth while than trying other

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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