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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: [experimental] cygwin-1.5.25-11

On Thu, Mar 06, 2008 at 04:07:00PM +0100, Paul-Kenji Cahier wrote:
>>?On Thu, Mar 06, 2008 at 12:43:41PM +0100, Peter Klavins wrote:
>>>1.  Since my downloads directory may contain many files, amongst which
>>>other generic setup.exe's, could the cygwin setup program be changed to
>>>something more related to cygwin, e.g., cygsetup.exe?  That would fit
>>>well with other cygwin bits like cyg*.dll and cyg*.exe.  At the moment
>>>the only hint that it belongs to cygwin is its icon, which you only see
>>>if you're looking at it with Explorer.
>>?No, we're not going to change the name of the program.  It's been called
>>?setup.exe for many years and changing the name now would be guaranteed
>>?to generate confusion.
>I will have to agree that setup.exe is one of the most
>common filenames and it's very confusing to keep it that way.
>However obviously cygwin seems anchored in backward compatibility
>(which is not such a bad policy) so I doubt this is going to change.

I mentioned why we are not going to change and Dave Korn provided much
more detail.  This is only "backwards compatibility" in the broadest
sense.  This is not a debate.  It really is not going to change.

>Peter Klavins: What you should do is rename it at download time.
>>?If mixing cygwin downloads with other downloads is causing you confusion
>>?then the obvious thing to do is to use another directory.
>Managing files without icons is not that uncommon.
>Confusion will of course arise in these cases.

I have no idea what this means.  Just create a shortcut to and put it on your desktop.  Create a
directory just for cygwin downloads.  Click on the shortcut when you
want to update and make sure that you set the download area to your
newly created directory.


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