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Re: Long filename support, soon?

On Wed, Mar 05, 2008 at 09:09:42PM -0500, Larry Hall (Cygwin) wrote:
> Brian Mathis wrote:
>>I've been running into problems with rsync and "too long" filenames.
>>I've done the searching and know that it's an issue with the cygwin
>>library not using the unicode system calls.  Is there a timetable for
>>when this will be changed?  I know it's a pain, but so is not being
>>able to use a lot of the great tools cygwin provides because of this
>>problem.  Anyway, just wanted to ask and also add my vote for support
>>for this.  Thanks.
>It is one of the many enhancements in the forthcoming 1.7 series.  And
>it seems it is also an excruciatingly large task.  There is no
>timetable for 1.7 as a result.  But many hands make light work.  If you
>and others you know have hands to lend, I know Corinna has a list of
>tasks that can use them.

Actually, I don't want to speak for Corinna, but it seems like she is
agonizingly close to getting this done.  I would predict that there
would be something to test in the next week or so.


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