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Re: Long filename support, soon?

Brian Mathis wrote:
I've been running into problems with rsync and "too long" filenames.
I've done the searching and know that it's an issue with the cygwin
library not using the unicode system calls.

Is there a timetable for when this will be changed?  I know it's a
pain, but so is not being able to use a lot of the great tools cygwin
provides because of this problem.

Anyway, just wanted to ask and also add my vote for support for this.

It is one of the many enhancements in the forthcoming 1.7 series.  And
it seems it is also an excruciatingly large task.  There is no timetable
for 1.7 as a result.  But many hands make light work.  If you and others
you know have hands to lend, I know Corinna has a list of tasks that can
use them.

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