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Re: Setting MAKE_MODE breaks make.exe

On Wed, Mar 05, 2008 at 05:33:02PM -0500, Francois Colbert wrote:
>Well...  setting MAKE_MODE to "win32" also makes the process stop with
>the same error message, without even reading the Makefile.  It seems
>that only "unix" is accepted, and there's already a "--unix" parameter
>that does the same thing.
>I'm talking about an already existing Makefile, here.  One that expects
>MAKE_MODE to be set to something else than "unix", for its own purpose,
>and doesn't care about windows-style paths.
>The --unix flag is a much better option, in my opinion, because it
>makes "make" depend only on the way it's invoked, instead of relying on
>environment variables that can vary greatly from one environment to
>another.  Reacting to MAKE_MODE just makes Cygwin's "make" more
>different and less useful when porting a development environment to

MAKE_MODE in the context of GNU make was invented for Cygwin.  If you
are piggybacking your own meaning on it, then rebuild your own version
of make and have it do what you want.

The behavior is not changing.


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