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Re: service already exists

veredgf wrote:

I installed cygwin on a w2k3 server (with sp2).
It worked fine for a while and then we began getting permission denied on

Sounds a little like a <> problem to me. Have you checked into that?

To try and solve the problem I tried to uninstall and reinstall cygwin... I
had lots of problems with the reinstallation process. It would not recreate
the service and the service user .... finally I deleted just about any
related key from the registry and things improved slightly.... the config
process started to create the service and also created the user but then I
get the following error message:

cygrunsrv: Error installing a service: OpenService:  Win32 error 1073:
The specified service already exists.

when I run cygrunsrv -L - I get the following error:

cygrunsrv: Error enumerating services: QueryServiceConfig:  Win32 error 2:
The system cannot find the file specified.

I can't see the service itself in the service list, nor can I find it in the

I'm at my end's wit...

Rebooting the server is a last resort since this is a prod server....

Any solutions?

Have you tried removing the service in question with 'cygwunsrv --remove <svc_name>' ?

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