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Re[2]: ZSH - UTF-8

On Tue, 4 Mar 2008, Paul-Kenji Cahier wrote:

Greetings, Paul-Kenji,

?LC_ALL set to C.UTF-8 in all cases. Cygwin freshly installed.
?Also tried LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8(which shouldnt exist) and it did
?not work either.

?Newlib uses "C-UTF-8", not "C.UTF-8" for some reason.  I don't see that
?newlib understands the dot.  Moreover, Cygwin doesn't support utf-8 yet,
?so you might have strange effects using utf-8 for filenames.


(this time text under quote, didnt know it bothered)

I'm still failing to get zsh working with utf-8, even
with C-UTF-8 as LC_ALL: as specified in my previous message
non-ascii bytes get displayed as <00cxx> which the line editor
does manage properly. But there is still no way to actually see
utf-8 characters displayed, or even their unicode values(ie
it's still a single byte editing mode). If someone manages
to get it working, please post:)

Can you send me the specific key sequence you are using to generate this? Are you using a CMD window or rxvt or an xterm? Also, are you using the stock zsh 4.3.5 source distro or have you applied the Cygwin patches from 4.3.4 to it before building?

I've recently built 4.3.5 for Cygwin and have been testing it before
releasing it.  Send me the key sequences you are using and I'll see if I
can repro it.

As Corinna noted, Cygwin doesn't really support utf-8, so this might have
some bearing on the matter.  And, you should know that some multi-byte
delete issues have been identified on other, supposedly, UTF-8 compliant
systems, so you aren't the first to hit this.

Also I know about the lack of utf-8 support in cygwin for most
of the windows calls(and personally think that the cygwin utf-8
wrapper code patch would be a vast improvement, that is the one
from okisoft that got posted to cygwin's ml long ago, though
I understand some people dont like how it's done). This should
still not be a problem for one to do an "echo éé<backspace>"
in his term transparently.
(no problematic wide windows calls involved there as far as I know).

Paul-Kenji Cahier

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