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Re[2]: ZSH - UTF-8

>>?LC_ALL set to C.UTF-8 in all cases. Cygwin freshly installed.
>>?Also tried LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8(which shouldnt exist) and it did
>>?not work either.

>?Newlib uses "C-UTF-8", not "C.UTF-8" for some reason.  I don't see that
>?newlib understands the dot.  Moreover, Cygwin doesn't support utf-8 yet,
>?so you might have strange effects using utf-8 for filenames.


(this time text under quote, didnt know it bothered)

I'm still failing to get zsh working with utf-8, even
with C-UTF-8 as LC_ALL: as specified in my previous message
non-ascii bytes get displayed as <00cxx> which the line editor
does manage properly. But there is still no way to actually see
utf-8 characters displayed, or even their unicode values(ie
it's still a single byte editing mode). If someone manages
to get it working, please post:)

Also I know about the lack of utf-8 support in cygwin for most
of the windows calls(and personally think that the cygwin utf-8
wrapper code patch would be a vast improvement, that is the one
from okisoft that got posted to cygwin's ml long ago, though
I understand some people dont like how it's done). This should
still not be a problem for one to do an "echo ÃÃ<backspace>"
in his term transparently.
(no problematic wide windows calls involved there as far as I know).

Paul-Kenji Cahier

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