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Re[2]: ZSH - UTF-8

Here things display okay, but trying to erase a multi-byte character ends up only deleting one byte;
ie (in pseudo code):
"echo test:Ã<backspace><enter>"->"test:<0x3>"
Which clearly shows the editing is not being utf-8 aware.
It also displays badly if you start doing multi-line commands:
the term&shell get highly confused as the zsh is non-utf-8 enabled.
That's with the cygwin default zsh 4.3.4.

Now, compiling a 4.3.5 using a simple ./configure && make
I simply dont get any utf-8 displaying on the line editor anymore.
Anything non-ascii is displayed as one-byte control codes.
I also tried ./configure --enable-multibyte with the same result.
LC_ALL set to C.UTF-8 in all cases. Cygwin freshly installed.
Also tried LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8(which shouldnt exist) and it did
not work either.

Setting LC_ALL=C restores the cygwin zsh 4.3.4 behaviour: it displays fine non-ascii codes
but fails when trying to erase/move around them(obviously it's considering them as one byte
but the terminal is seeing them as utf-8, which creates confusion).

>?I am using: zsh 4.3.5 (i686-pc-cygwin) ï ï( compiled from src )
>?I just did $export LC_ALL=C.UTF-8

>?cmd line editting didn't seem ill affected and worked fine.

>?Paul-Kenji Cahier <> wrote:
>>... (Note: I'm talking of having zsh display&edit properly utf-8 in the line editor,
>>ïincluding the completion system).

>?If you could be me some tests to try I'd be happy to do it. ïOtherwise I am not quite sure how that should be done.

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