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Re: full control for non owner and resulting 'cp' created file perms

On Sat 3/1/08 13:45 PST Brian Dessent wrote wrote:
> Tom Rodman wrote:
> > The file "zam" below has slightly unusual windows permissions -
> > it does not inherit from it's parent dir, the owner of the
> > file has no ACES, another user "staffuser1" has full control.
> Is staffuser1 an administrator?  


forgot to mention (applies to both shell sessions):

  /tmp $ which cp
  cp is aliased to `command cp -i -p'
  cp is /usr/bin/cp
  cp is /bin/cp
  /tmp $ groups
  XYZ_ES_STAFF Administrators ABC_NA-DG-ADS-ServiceAccountsGlobal ABC_NA-CTX-Notepad-A Domain Users XYZ_ES_ADMIN XYZ_Users Users
  /tmp $ 

> Cygwin opens files using the 'backup'
> privilege in order to emulate the POSIX semantics that root can access
> any file regardless of permissions.  But of course the backup privilege
> requires the user to be an administrator so there's no real privilege
> leak, since an administrator can always take ownership of the object and
> set an arbitrary dacl.

OK, I see, thanks

> This started with 1.5.22:
> <>

thx for link

slight, change in topic - if one uses cygwin setfacl to add multiple
acls ( say rwx access to 4 different users, one acl per user )
to a file, is there a way to copy a file using
cygwin in a way that preserves these?


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