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Re: Problem with dev nodes in tar extract

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| From: Eric Blake [mailto:ebb9 AT]
~                               ^^^^

And please don't feed the spammers:

| Dev nodes are OS specific.  You will probably never get this to work,
| because cygwin's notions of which major device numbers map to which
| devices, while modeled after Linux, is not identical to Linux.  You are
| trying to do something that is inherently non-portable.

According to Nigel Hathaway on 2/29/2008 6:50 AM:
| cygwin. Do 'mknod --help' and see what you get !!

mknod --help prints the same under Linux or cygwin, because it comes from
the same source code for mknod(1).  It doesn't change the fact that the
underlying mknod(2) between the two OS's is different, and there's nothing
that mknod(1) can do about that.

| It turns out that the problem relates to one dev node in particular:
| $ chown root.root dev/ptmx
|       7 [main] chown 7940 _cygtls::handle_exceptions: Error while
| dumping state
| (probably corrupted stack)

Now we're getting somewhere.  Again, this is a problem in cygwin1.dll, and
not in coreutils, tar, or any other user-level program.

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Eric Blake   
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