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Re: Access to Network Drive under ssh

Dang, Robin wrote:

I am having the same problems as in the discussion and would appreciate
any help to resolve it. After I log into a ssh session, the drives are not
automatically mapped and typing 'net use' gives me unavailable. I can map
them manually, but I need them to be mapped automatically to setup the
environment properly for my scripts.

"Anyway, the way I generally get things... well, closer to working, is to
create a service that calls 'bash -c <some-sshd-init-script>', and have the
script issue a bunch of 'net use <foo> <bar>' commands and then exec sshd.
That way you don't have to worry about connections being remembered, because
they will always be created for you when sshd starts up."

In the post, there is a workaround for the problem, but I cannot write
the  sshd-init-script and create the service to run it, so it works. Would anyone
provide anymore detail or instructions?

I'd recommend:
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The thread you reference isn't doing anything more to remap the drives than you are manually. It's just automating the process. If that's all you need , then just put the "net use <foo> <bar>" in your .bash_login or other convenient spot that gets run each time you login. The process described above is just a more complicated way of getting here, albeit with certain advantages (it won't remap your drives every time you invoke bash -l).

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