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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] New package: irssi-0.8.12-1

I'm running it in PuTTY via SSH connection. TERM set to "cygwin". Yes,
first 2 or maybe 3 lines. All packages are up to date. And I have
never seen that with my own compiled irssi.

I have made screenshots of my own compiled irssi and irssi from
package windows right after startup:

On 2/16/08, Kostya Altukhov <> wrote:
> >           Irssi: Looking up             2
>  >                                                  2:33 -!- IIrssi:
>  >  Connecting to [] port 6667
>  >  22:33 -!- Irssi: Connection to established
>  >
>  >  Something wrong with time in first two lines. This happens every time
>  >  irssi starts, within all windows, not only status.
>  Are you running it in a cmd window, rxvt/urxvt or some other terminal?
>  What does your 'echo $TERM' say?
>  Does it only happen with the first two lines?
>  What about the blue bar with text "irssi v0.8.12" which is normally
>  displayed at the top of the screen, above the first line?
>  Also, make sure your ncurses/libncurses8 packages are up to date.
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